Fresh Fruit & Architecture, although founded by architect Grant V. Genova, has always been a collaborative effort during each of its projects. Many different people possessing many different sets of skills have contributed to the success of the company and its past work in ways that have truly been remarkable. There is something special about moving forward with a target result in mind, but having multiple viewpoints along the way. The result is inclusion in it's fullest capacity, something that many other firms add in to their work as an afterthought and it never gets completely realized in the final product. Inclusion is very important to Fresh Fruit & Architecture and the only true way to achieve this is through a collaboration of creative minds.

We use a central “project room” as a way to bring together the collaborative members and ensure there is open dialogue as to what has been collected, patterns uncovered, avenues that are being explored, or any issues that arise. As information is collected it is shared and added it information overlays, so that we all have access to the information and progression of the project. We hold regular open meetings as a collaborative, and have an open door policy for other project members to drop in and discuss findings and/or progression.


"Design thinking is a process for creative problem solving. It utilizes elements like empathy and experimentation to arrive at innovative solutions."


 We are a collaborative who truly believes that designs which encourage uniqueness should be done in all areas of any given project. We fully believe in the importance of combining local experiential knowledge with thorough research and design thinking to achieve successful local solutions. The uniqueness of an area should not be overlooked when tackling some of the difficulties it presents. Our team members bring their own interpretations of a project's particular set of problems in order to address how they might create an individualized solution.

We believe that innovation is a critical component of an efficient and sustainable system, and will endeavor to collate all of the findings, interpretations and recommendations through the lens of interconnectivity and the potential for synergies on any given project.

"To promote knowledge and education in the fine arts, the visual arts, and performance in the vibrant, creative cocoon, a group of artists is daring to imagine and build a dream of inspiration. We are encouraging our community to experience a dynamic work of art."

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