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Walmart and Downtown Saint John's

There is very little positive influence that Walmart does to a province, even financially, In fact it can potentially cause a lot of harm, specifically to the culture. The negative aspects of Walmart is very obvious across the USA. If they are introduced to smaller, less developed urban areas then they cause the death of "downtown areas". People end up buying from only one place, literally getting into their vehicles at their home only to travel to a parking lot outside Walmart in order to shop there and then go home. They miss out on all the other things going on downtown and very little human interactions occur. The convenience of such a super store can be overwhelming in regards to convincing the public that it is good for them. But, long term studies have shown time and time again that the super store inevitably detracts from the environment, both socially and economically. No longer is there an ability to have privately owned stores, no longer is the public interacting with each other in the downtown area, and no longer is there an ability for interesting and unique events. The real issue is simply this, Walmart and other super stores are designed for an already established and thriving urban culture, one where the introduction of a super store has little effect outside of the allowance of cheaper prices to the public. In a well developed urban setting, the "mom and pop stores" have already evolved into very specific and entrenched markets because they have developed through relations to the public over many, many years. In a struggling downtown area, one that has no footprint, the introduction of a Walmart will ultimately cause stagnancy do to it interrupting the natural evolution of the urban area. Without the established local stores, Walmart doesn't just fill in a gap it fills in a gaping hole in both the social and economic infrastructure of a downtown area that is just beginning to develop or re-define itself; a hole that will never have the chance to be filled in by anything else due to the crushing presence of a super store. Such is the case for Downtown Saint John's.

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